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Finally, the technology, tools, bandwidth, and computing power ore in place to smoothly deliver compelling 3D content over the Web. And now there’s a book that helps Web developers leverage 3D-without getting overwhelmed by code! Core Web3D unveils a suite of technologies that make it possible to deliver remarkable 3D content over the Web: VRML97, Java 3D, MPEG-4, as well as the exciting new X3D (Extensible 3D using XML), which promises to deliver interoperable, lightweight Internet and broadcast 3D. 3D experts Aaron E. Walsh and Mikael Bourges-Sévenier demonstrate how Web3D delivers key advances over previous technologies, including international standardization, interoperability, browser ubiquity, fourth-generation APIs, and visual authoring tools. Discover how to integrate Web3D technologies seamlessly into any Web site, by repurposing, modifying, and customizing existing Web3D content-getting great results without reinventing the wheel.
Core Web3D is the perfect guide for every Web developer working with media-rich sites.

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